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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023

The days of scrubbing and dusting every nook and cranny of your home to get rid of pet hair, filth, and stuck-on dirt are long gone. Cleaning is effortless today, particularly with powerful vacuum cleaners. There's an overwhelming amount of options on the market to choose from, which makes it hard to decide. Here are the best home vacuum cleaners to help you make the right choice for your home. We’ll also give some tips on how to choose the right vacuum cleaners for your needs.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

With the rapid development of technology, more and more types of vacuum cleaners emerge constantly. Read on and get five main types of vacuum cleaners.

1. Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are a practical option for dry spills, automobile interiors, and fast clean-ups. They can't completely replace a full-size vacuum because of their small capacity and weak suction, but they are still handy for spot cleaning. It works particularly well for removing fine filth-like hair from upholstery and cleaning up after children and pets as well as crumbs and spills. Handheld vacuums come in corded and cordless varieties. Many cordless handheld vacuums incorporate docks for charging, allowing for continuous recharging on a kitchen counter or shelf.

2. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The robotic vacuum cleaner often acts as the best bagless vacuum cleaner. It is a sensor-powered automated type of vacuum cleaner. Since there is no maneuvering involved, it requires little effort. Through the use of a remote control, the settings are selected and the commands are entered, after which the cleaner may work independently. It is automatic and cleans very effectively and quickly. It is especially helpful for cleaning wood, tile, and carpeted surfaces, as well as corners. This kind of is compact without a cleaning bag and works quietly. Since it is always cordless, it needs to be charged time and again. As a result, it is more expensive than other models.

3. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The upright style plays as one of the earliest, most widely used, and most popular vacuum cleaners. It features a simple ergonomic design with a tilt and push. The brush is powered by a motor and removes dirt by sucking it up. It works most effectively when cleaning expansive carpeted areas. It contains a sensor that efficiently removes particles from carpet fibers. It also has a separate mode where the brush roll is turned off for cleaning bare floors. It allows for height adjustment and is heavy to push and pull.

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A stick model is quick to clean, lightweight, and thin. It features a straightforward design that makes it simple to store and is shaped like a broom. This type is useful for maneuvering around furniture and narrow spaces. It can be used to clean hardwood floors and small carpeted spaces. It can be transformed into a portable handheld vacuum with fewer attachments. But it lacks strength and is ineffective for thorough cleaning. In comparison to other varieties, it could have a lower battery life.

5. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A long wand and cylinder-shaped gadget are joined by a retractable suction hose in a canister type. It features a dust-gathering receptacle and is motor-powered. It can clean a variety of surfaces, including carpeted areas, hard floors, hardwood floors, tiles, vehicles, stairwells, walls, ceilings, corners, and upholstery. It can operate on different surfaces, but it is more expensive and has several attachments. For storage, it is larger than other models.

8 Best Vacuum Cleaners for Spotless Floors

1. Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate Handheld Vacuum

The Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate Handheld Vacuum is widely considered the most powerful vacuum cleaner. It is designed as a lightweight and portable handheld vacuum that is easy to maneuver. It is effective at picking up tiny dust and pet hair with its 2-in-1 crevice tool and a small motorized pet brush. Powered by the advanced technology of the best vacuum brand, it features two levels of suction power and a 0.06-gallon/ 0.25-liter dust canister. The rechargeable battery may be used for up to 20 minutes, though this is on the lowest power setting. The handheld vacuum may be kept in its charging dock when not in use, ensuring that it is always fully charged and ready when you need it to clean up unexpected spills. According to vacuum cleaner reviews, it's a wonderful little addition to your cleaning supplies.

Eufy HomeVac H30 Mate Handheld Vacuum

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352

Although the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 vacuum cleaner isn't the newest one on the market, its market longevity demonstrates that it is among the best. The NV352 is a dual-purpose vacuum that performs as both an upright and a canister vacuum at the same time. Its outstanding suction on both pile carpets and bare floors is noted in several evaluations of this best budget vacuum. It effortlessly provided a deep clean while picking up both pet hair and cereal. But its brush roll isn't removable and it may be a little heavy and clunky to disassemble and reassemble

 Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352

3. Kenmore Elite 31150

A fantastic option for houses with few available outlets is the bagged vacuum Kenmore Elite 31150, which has a HEPA filtration system, a telescoping wand, and an extra long, 35-foot cable.   It can be the best vacuum cleaner for carpet as it effectively cleans carpets and takes up almost all dirt on bare floors. With five levels of manual height adjustment, it can switch between high-pile carpet and bare floors. However, you must bend down to access it.

Kenmore Elite 31150

4. Eufy Clean H20

The Eufy Clean H20 is the best lightweight vacuum cleaner. It is among the cordless vacuum cleaners that work for removing small debris from tricky spaces inside a car. Additionally, it is a portable vacuum to have around the house for cleaning up tiny unexpected messes. Over bigger particles like rice puffs, it is superior at picking up fine debris, like sand and dust. For ease, it can be charged conveniently inside the car. If you’re looking for the best affordable vacuum with powerful functions, just consider Eufy Clean H20.

5. Dyson V11 Torque Drive

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless stick vacuum, with a 60-minute runtime and 14 cyclones, provides 185 air watts of suction in Max mode. Dyson vacuums are designed with six levels of cutting-edge entire machine filtration thanks to their special cyclone technology. The V11 has excellent cleaning power and can automatically change the brush roll. However, the V11 Torque Drive's brightly colored aesthetic isn't suitable for everyone. Not everyone can afford its $600 price tag, either.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

6. iRobot Roomba s9+

As the best vacuum for apartments today, the iRobot Roomba s9+ is very clever but also pretty pricey. Because of its more sophisticated mapping capabilities, customers will be astounded by how easy it is to navigate around the house. It didn't run into any baseboards or get caught in difficult spaces, unlike other robot vacuums. It works well with little human intervention, however, it is noisy, especially while emptying its trash. Please noted that you have to buy replacement disposal bags if you choose this vacuum cleaner.

iRobot Roomba s9+

7. iLife V3s Pro

The iLife V3s Pro is, without a doubt, a popular budget robot vacuum. It cleans the house very effectively while lacking the bells and whistles of costlier robot vacuums. Striving to be the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair, it boasts its performance in cleaning up pet hair, grime, and crumbs on hard floors. Additionally, it has no trouble navigating over throw rugs with a high pile.

 iLife V3s Pro


8. Tineco Pure One S11 Tango

Tineco A11 Hero can be a wonderful choice if you want the ease of a cordless stick vacuum but don't want to give up the extended run time. It comes with a wide variety of included accessories.     Essentially, it serves as a less-priced alternative to the Dyson V10 cordless stick vacuum, which has a similar body design and battery life. Although its performance is not flawless, it is still good enough, especially considering the cost.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for home?

With hundreds of vacuum cleaners available, it's crucial to narrow down your options by choosing the right vacuum. Here are some useful tips to help you find the best vacuum cleaner in the world.

1. Types of chores

While the majority of vacuums come with a variety of attachments made for various types of chores, certain vacuums operate better on certain types than others. Just choose a vacuum based on your needs.

2. Ease of use

Make sure the vacuum is light and flexible enough to navigate and that it can fit around furniture and corners. Also, take into account how easy it will be to empty and clean the vacuum.

3. Quality and Durability

Your vacuum cleaner's quality is also crucial since it will determine if it has to be changed in a year or two or if it will endure for many years if not decades. Look for warranties that are longer, especially for the motor.

4. Noise Level

Noise is another important factor. Find an excellent vacuum cleaner that can operate at low noise levels and will allow you to hear the phone or doorbell ring quite easily.


Now you know what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market. And selecting a vacuum cleaner is very important for freeing up your burden on cleaning the house even though it may not be quite easy due to the many choices. To ensure the vacuum cleaner is appropriate for your requirements, enough research is needed. Firmly keep in mind the points mentioned above for making the investment last and you can be sure to locate the ideal vacuum cleaner for your house with ease.

  • FAQ

    Can robot vacuums replace normal vacuum cleaners?

    Robot vacuums cannot fully replace normal clean vacuums as they still have their limitations. For example, some of the robot vacuums can't reach every corner or handle stairs due to their shape. Thus, they are unlikely to get a regular thorough clean. However, they still have their strengths due to their ability of automatic cleaning.

    How long do robot vacuums last?

    The lifespan of a robot vacuum varies depending on factors such as quality, usage, and maintenance. Generally speaking, a regular automatic vacuum can last for about 5 years. Higher-end models such as the best automatic vacuum for pet hair or the best robot vacuum and mop tend to have longer lifespans than budget options. With regular cleaning and maintenance, the best robotic vacuum cleaner can last for up to 6 or 7 years.

    Do robot vacuums miss corners?

    While robot vacuums are designed to clean floors efficiently, it is possible for some of them to miss corners or other areas that are difficult to reach. However, some robot vacuums are built to work this problem out. RoboVac X8 Hybrid, with its iPath Laser Navigation technology, is designed to scan your home and intelligently navigate around obstacles in real-time for more efficient cleaning, even in low-light situations.