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How Much Do Security Cameras Cost In 2023

As you already, security cameras are no longer a luxury item reserved for only the richest individuals or businesses. With the increase in technological advancements and affordable options, security cameras have become accessible and affordable for many households. But with so many different types and brands of security cameras on the market, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose and how much they will cost. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give you a breakdown of how much for home security cameras. So, whether you're looking to protect your property, keep an eye on your children or pets, or monitor your business, make sure you read to the end to fully understand security camera installation costs.


How Much Do Security Cameras Cost In 2023

How Much Do Security Cameras Cost?

The cost of security cameras can vary widely based on factors like the type of camera, the features it offers, the brand, etc. Aside from the cost of the cameras themselves, the installation cost and ongoing costs like cloud storage subscriptions may also occur. Let's look at them in breakdown details.

Equipment Costs

There are different types of security cameras on the market and how much does a security camera cost may depend on the type you're going for. For example, indoor cameras of a range of styles like dome, bullet, and cube can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 depending on the features and brand. While, how much do outdoor security cameras cost? Outdoor cameras are built to withstand various elements, so they are more expensive relatively and it generally goes from $50 to $400. On the other hand, wireless cameras which transmit data wirelessly to a receiver or cloud storage range from $150 to $500, and are typically more expensive than wired cameras which are cheaper and cost generally $50 to $300.

Storage Costs

Many security cameras offer cloud storage options for video footage. This means that the footage is stored online, rather than on a local storage device. Depending on the camera and the amount of storage needed, you need either go for the free, monthly, or yearly plan. Prices for cloud storage plans can vary, with some plans offering a few days of footage for free or providing unlimited storage for a yearly fee. Generally, you may need to pay about $3-10 a month or $35-200 a year to enjoy free cloud storage. For cameras that offer local storage options, such as a microSD card or a hard drive, you may spend less as the footage is stored directly on the camera or a recording device.


Security Cameras

Monitoring Costs

Most security camera systems are offering self-monitoring services, and you can monitor with your smartphone app or other devices. However, some high-end options may also provide professional monitoring services, where trained professionals monitor your cameras for suspicious activity and alert you or emergency services if necessary. These services can be costly from $100 to $600 a year depending on brands and models.

Security Camera Installation Cost

If you hire a professional to install security cameras, you'll be charged about $150 to over $2000 based on factors like how many cameras to install, the camera brand and quality, and where to install them. But of course, you're sure that the cameras will be set up correctly and will function well for professional installation. On the other hand, DIY installation of wireless home security cameras can save money on installation, as no professional help is needed. For example, eufyCam 2 is lightweight and very easy to install. You need no technical knowledge to handle it.

Maintenance Costs

Most quality security cameras don't need much maintenance especially since most batteries are rechargeable or support solar charging. Generally, all you need is regular cleaning, as dust and debris can accumulate on the camera lens and affect image quality. From time to time, you can clean the camera with simple microfiber cloths. And it doesn't cost anything at all. However, cheap low-quality cameras may be not the case.


Maintenance Costs

What To Look For In A Security Camera?

Now that you know how much does a high quality camera cost. However, to choose the best quality security camera, you should also consider different factors which may include:

  1. Resolution:The resolution of the camera determines the quality of the image it captures. You should go for cameras with at least 1080p resolution to capture clear, high-quality footage.
  2. Field of view:The field of view refers to the area that the camera can capture. You want a camera that can cover a larger area. So, go for those with a wide-angle lens. 
  3. Night vision:If you need to monitor your property at night, look for cameras with night vision capabilities. Infrared (IR) technology is typically used for night vision and can provide clear footage even in complete darkness.
  4. Connectivity:Check what type of connectivity the camera supports, whether it is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or wired. This will determine how easily you can access the footage remotely.
  5. Storage:You should also consider how the camera stores footage. Some cameras store footage locally, while others use cloud storage. Choose cameras with ample storage capacity, and the ability to delete old footage and overwrite it with new footage.
  6. Motion detection:Cameras with motion detection can automatically start recording when they detect movement. This can be a useful feature to conserve storage space and ensure that you only capture footage when something is happening.
  7. Cost:Finally, consider the cost of the camera and your budget as well. There's no need to break the bank to purchase a security camera. Just for the one with the features you need within your budget.


Hopefully, now you know how much are security cameras. They are a valuable investment for anyone looking to improve the safety and security of their home. While the price of security cameras depends on the features and capabilities you need, the peace of mind they provide is invaluable. With a wide range of options available at different price points, there is a security camera system for every budget. So don't hesitate to invest in the safety and security of your home - the cost of a security camera system is a small price to pay for the protection it provides.


  • FAQ

    Do all security cameras have a monthly fee?

    Not entirely. Even though security cameras often utilize AI-powered capabilities to encourage customers to subscribe to their services, there are a variety of security cameras like eufyCam 2 that don't require a subscription and still provide common features like human detection, motion detection, etc.

    Do security cameras use much Wi-Fi?

    According to research, a security camera system will not use much Wi-Fi and affect the home network if you don't need remote viewing. For remote viewing, each security camera generally uses no more than 10 Mbps for uploading and downloading records.

    What's the difference between a surveillance camera and a security camera?

    Surveillance cameras are generally used for monitoring. They are kept away from the public. Security cameras on the other hand are used to prevent crime. They are installed where everyone can see them.