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Local Security, No Monthly Fee

eufy Security's Edge Ecosystem operates locally at every possible stage, ensuring your data is yours alone and eliminating monthly fees.
  • Take eufy Door Alarm Sensors to Secure Your Home Easily

    Door alarm sensors provide enhanced security and peace of mind by alerting users to unauthorized entry or unexpected door openings in real time. eufy's wireless door alarm sensors offer a robust and comprehensive solution to safeguard your home with a range of remarkable features.
    Boasting an impressive 2-year battery life, eufy door open alarm sensors provide continuous monitoring, minimizing the need for frequent battery changes. And, the compact design ensures a seamless fit onto any door or window frame, effectively securing entry points. Notably, in the event of a forced entry, the door open sensor alarms trigger a powerful 100-decibel siren akin to a jackhammer, creating a deterrence and alerting you instantly on your smartphone through the HomeBase. Installation is hassle-free, as you simply peel off the mounting tape and attach the sensor where needed. Furthermore, our door motion sensor alarm systems enhance your home security by detecting motion within a wide 100° radius and up to 30 feet away, ensuring comprehensive coverage for entire rooms. With adjustable sensitivity, the sensors intelligently distinguish between human movement and pet activity, reducing false alerts. Moreover, pairing these home alarm door sensors with your overall security system is effortless through the app, streamlining the setup process.
    Overall, whether you seek enhanced protection for your family or valuable possessions, eufy's door sensor alarm systems provide peace of mind, robust protection, and user-friendly installation and operation, making them an ideal choice for bolstering your home's security measures.

  • FAQ

    Do door alarm sensors have batteries?

    Yes, the alarm sensors for doors typically have batteries that power their functionality and ensure continuous operation even in case of power outages. For example, eufy's front door alarm sensors provide monitoring for 730 days with the included battery.

    How does a door alarm sensor work?

    A door entry alarm sensor works by using magnetic or motion-sensing technology to detect when a door is opened or closed. When the door is opened, the sensor's components trigger a signal that communicates with the alarm system, causing it to activate an alert, such as a sound or notification, to indicate the breach of the door's security.

    Where do you put an alarm sensor on a door?

    An alarm sensor on a door is typically placed near the door frame, with one part attached to the door itself and the other part attached to the door frame. These two components should align closely when the door is closed, allowing the sensor to detect the door's movement, whether it's opening or closing, and trigger an alarm if the door is breached.

    What is the difference between a motion sensor and a door sensor?

    They're mainly different in monitoring content. First, a motion sensor detects movement by sensing heat or infrared radiation changes in an area. Typically used for broad space monitoring, it triggers alarms if unexpected movement occurs. In contrast, a security door sensor is designed to monitor the status of doors or windows. It triggers an alarm if the door is opened unexpectedly.

    How many door alarm sensors do I need?

    This depends on the number of entry points you want to secure. It's recommended to place a home security door sensor on each external door, including front, back, and side doors. Additionally, consider windows or other access points for comprehensive security coverage.
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