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Our Commitment to Protect You

How We're Doing Better to Protect Your Privacy

eufy Security is Working with
HackerOne to Create a Bug
Bounty Program

The #1 Trusted Security Platform and Hacker Program HackerOne, like all hacker-powered security, is a
system built on trust, earned through transparency, security, privacy, regulatory compliance, and more.

HackerOne allows IT and security development teams to find and act on software vulnerabilities as soon
as they’re reported. eufy Security will then investigate any identified vulnerabilities, repair or remove the
issues, and verify the resolution.
  • Leveraging the skills of the global security community to uncover high-risk vulnerabilities within eufy Security products and processes.

  • Access the expertise of industry leaders in technologies like cloud, mobile, hardware, IoT, and more.

  • Allow ethical hackers to audit and report back on new products and services.

  • Allow existing eufy product users to contribute and report security bugs and vulnerabilities.

Working Together to Protect You

More details are available at HackerOne.

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