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  • MACH V1 Ultra MACH V1 Ultra
  • MACH V1 Ultra MACH V1 Ultra
  • MACH V1 Ultra MACH V1 Ultra
  • MACH V1 Ultra MACH V1 Ultra
  • MACH V1 Ultra MACH V1 Ultra


All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Always-Clean Mop
  • Vacuum, Mop, and Steam: All-in-one design for complete floor cleaning.
  • Make Wet or Dry Messes and Stains Vanish: Clean all messes effortlessly with constant heated steam.
  • Industry's First TÜV Rheinland Certification: 99.9%* germ removal with heated steam and aqueous ozone.
  • Eco-Clean Ozone: Aqueous ozone removes up to 99.9%* of common germs and odors. Safe for pets and children.
  • Always Clean Mop™: Washes the mop while cleaning to prevent floor recontamination.
  • Triple Self-Cleaning System: Post cleaning, select self-cleaning mode to wash the mop with cleaning fluid; while ozone minimizes odor and germs. Hot air is then circulated to ensure the device is 100% dry.
  • What's in the Box: Includes MACH V1 Ultra, additional roller brush, additional filter, cleaning solution, charging dock, cleaning tool, and descaling solution x4.

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Here's Why Everyone's Talking About MACH

Sorry Dyson, the MACH V1 Ultra can also STEAM MOP my floors!

Cordless StickVac + Steam Mop: Extreme Testing! (MACH V1 Ultra)

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MACH V1 Ultra, All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop
MACH V1 Ultra, All-in-One Cordless StickVac with Steam Mop

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Vacuum and Mop

Up to 45 Minutes

Uses Ozone to

Triple Self-Cleaning

Tesla Valve


4.8 kg (10.58 lbs)


MACH V1 Ultra


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Vacuum, Mop,
and Steam

Up to 82 Minutes

Uses Steam
and Ozone to

Triple Self-Cleaning

Tesla Valve

JetBlade™ Quick
Drying Technology

5.7 kg (12.57 lbs)


Basic Specification
Suction Power
  • 16,800 Pa
Noise Level
  • <65 dB
Run Time
  • Up to 82 Min
Smart Function
Basic Function
  • Suck/ Mop/ Wash/ Disinfect/ Steam/ Dry
  • Smart LCD Display
Cleaning Performance
Clean Water Tank Volume
  • 820 ml
Dirty Water Tank Volume
  • 720 ml
  • 1178 x 278 x 254(mm)
  • 5.7kg


Is SteamWave™ technology of the MACH V1 Ultra safe for all types of flooring?
The SteamWave™ technology is safe for all sealed hard floors. It is recommended to use the steam mode on your sealed hardwood, marble, tile, and stone floors to avoid potentially damaging your floors.
Is the MACH V1 Ultra also suitable for carpets?
Yes, it is designed to clean on both hard floors and middle-pile carpets. Additionally, it is recommended to use suction mode when cleaning carpets for the vacuum to effectively pick up dust and debris.
Can I connect the MACH V1 Ultra to a 5GHz frequency?
No, it only connects to the 2.4GHz frequency. Make sure you are using a 2.4GHz router or a dual-band router that is configured to support a 2.4GHz frequency band.
What is the benefit of connecting your MACH V1 Ultra to the eufy Clean APP?
The eufy Clean APP will show an animation on how to use your MACH V1 Ultra, and provide you with the flexibility to remotely control. To better understand, operate, maintain, and obtain the latest product services and information. Please download the eufy Clean APP on your smartphone to connect it.
How often should I replace the accessories of my MACH V1 Ultra?
The frequency of cleaning/replacement will depend on your usage habits. It is recommended to replace the filter and rolling brush every 6 months.
What kind of water can be used to generate ozone?
Please note that only tap water can be added to the clean water tank. The conductivity of filtered water is very low and cannot be used to generate ozone.
Will it be safe to use ozone?
Yes, after sterilizing the floor, the ozone will break down into oxygen in just a few minutes. The entire process is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
What is the runtime of the MACH V1 Ultra?
In smart and suction modes, it lasts 82 minutes maximum; and in steam mode, it lasts 15 minutes maximum.
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