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4 Best Cat Water Fountains to Keep Your Cat Healthy

As a devoted cat owner, you need to understand the significance of keeping your feline companion healthy and content. Standing water in a bowl can easily collect dirt, hair, and debris, which can endanger your pet's health. In addition, many cats are not very interested in still water, which has an impact on the amount of water a cat drinks each week. Luckily, a high-quality cat water fountain can help prevent your cats from dehydration and provide them with an optimal drinking experience. In this post, we shall list the 4 best cat water fountains that stand as paragons of innovation and functionality. Join us as we navigate the scientific insights into feline water preferences and help you make an informed choice that ensures not only your cat's health but also their happiness.


Things to Consider When Buying the Best Cat Water Fountain

There are a few aspects to consider when it comes to getting the best drinking fountain for cats.

  • Size and Capacity -Consider the size of your cat and how much water your cat typically consumes. Choose a fountain with a capacity that will comfortably provide enough water for your cat's needs.
  • Material -Look for a fountain made of durable, non-toxic materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, or BPA-free plastic to ensure your cat's safety and health.
  • Filtration System -A good cat water fountain should have a filtration system to keep the water clean and fresh. Look for features like activated carbon filters or multi-stage filtration systems that can remove impurities and bad odors from the water.
  • Easy Maintenance -Look for the best cat water fountain that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. Some fountains may have smaller parts or hard-to-reach areas, making them more challenging to clean thoroughly.

The 4 Best Cat Water Fountains for You

We've tested some of the best sellers on the market and come up with the 4 best water fountains for cats this year. Instead of sifting through a sea of countless choices, you can quickly find the best idea below.

1. Best Overall Cat Water Fountain

eufy Pet Water Fountain tops the list as the best cat fountain from all aspects. This cat fountain comes with easy-to-assemble parts including a sturdy base, 304 food-grade stainless steel plate, and a water tank that holds 3L of water. With its innovative SafeSip Pump technology, the powerful rotor will remove any charged particles and generate natural currents to circulate fresh water, greatly appealing to your cat's preference for drinking water.

Also, it is tilted at an angle of 11°, which facilitates the water to pass through a 5-stage filtration system that constantly purifies the water, catching and filtering away hair, dust, and food residue for a clean and healthy taste. Plus, the eufy Pet Water Fountain is designed for pets up to 30 lb and can provide a water supply for one cat in a week. You never have to worry about that your furry companion will run out of water.



2. Best Glass Cat Fountain for Kittens

For kittens, Cheerble Automatic Cat Water Fountain may be a preferable choice. This wireless cat water dispenser has a shallow dish in a low position that enables 2 kittens to drink water at the same time. Its auto-refilling tank can hold 0.8L/27 oz of water for 2 days. However, please note that it doesn't have a filter, so you may need to frequently change the water to keep it clean and fresh. Also, be careful that its dish plate is made of glass and can easily crack and break.


3. Best Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

Pioneer Raindrop Pet Fountain is the best stainless steel cat water fountain in a raindrop shape. Its stainless steel design enables users to clean the fountain easily and protect pets from bacterial infection. It also has a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water clean and pure. It offers different capacity options of 60 oz and 96 oz to suit your cat's drinking needs. However, some cats may not like the stainless steel material for it is hard and cool, especially freezing in winter.


4. Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain is the best water fountain for cats made of high-quality natural ceramic in a lotus shape. It has a dual filtration system in the pump, one of which is a foam filter that captures hair and debris, while the other is a charcoal filter that eliminates smelly odors. With a capacity of 1oz/2.1L, it can give your cat fresh and clean water for 2 weeks at a time. However, due to the fragility of ceramics, it's prone to falling apart. You may consider another pick if your cat is a naughty baby.



Using a pet water fountain is a great way to save your effort in refilling the water frequently. What’s more, your cat can always enjoy fresh and clean circulating water when thirsty. This blog provides the four best cat water fountains, and you can choose according to your cat’s needs. Hope your cat can drink enough healthy fresh water with the best cat water fountain you choose.

  • FAQ

    What Type of Water Fountain Do Cats Like Best?

    Flowing Stream Fountains: Cats may prefer flowing streams to still water.
    Bowl-like Fountains: Some cats prefer drinking from a more traditional bowl-like design.
    Quiet Operation: Cats generally have sensitive hearing, so fountains with quieter pumps that produce minimal noise are usually more attractive to them. A loud or buzzing pump might deter a cat from using the fountain.
    Hygienic Design: Cats are known for their cleanliness, and they might be more drawn to water fountains that are designed to keep the water clean and free of debris. Look for fountains with good filtration systems to ensure the water remains fresh.
    All in all, the needs of cats are varied, so there are many types of cat-drinking fountains. As an important part of pet supplies, you should pay attention to your cat's preferences and choose a cat water fountain that is really suitable.

    How Often Do You Change the Water in a Cat Fountain?

    It is recommended to change the water in a cat fountain at least every two to four days. However, it may be necessary to change the water more frequently if it becomes dirty or contaminated. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the cat fountain is also important to keep the water fresh and clean for your cat.

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