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5 Best Pet Cameras of 2023: A Buying Guide

While you're away at work, you may miss your furry little ones back home. You want to catch a glimpse of their adorable antics and ensure that they're safe and sound. That's where a pet camera comes in handy - the perfect companion for your pets when you can't be there.

Fortunately, there are many pet cameras available in the market today for you to choose from. They allow you to keep an eye on your furry friends in real time, interact with them, and even establish new routines for spending time together.

This article offers a comprehensive and detailed buying guide tailored to different priorities and needs, along with our top recommendation for the best pet camera. Keep reading to find what suits you the best!




Features to Consider for Choosing the Best Pet Cam

It's for sure that you want to get the best puppy camera, so here are some key points that you'd better consider before purchasing:

  • HD Image Quality- The main purpose of a pet camera is to provide high-quality video recording. It should accurately capture your pet in high definition, allowing you to monitor their activities effectively.
  • Motion Detection- As a safety feature commonly offered by smart cameras, motion detection can also be used for pet tracking purposes. Motion detection enables you to monitor your pet's activities, allowing you to understand their activity patterns and where they are spending their time. This insight into their behavior is valuable for keeping them active and engaged.
  • Remote Viewing- A pet camera equipped with a corresponding App that enables remote access is also indispensable. Since it provides real-time streaming, you will be able to monitor what your pet is doing at any time and find out the culprit responsible for breaking your vase (if necessary).
  • Two-way Interaction- If your pet camera has a two-way audio feature, then it allows you to interact and comfort your pet even if you are outside. Additionally, if there is a family member, friend, or babysitter at home, you can also communicate with them and offer guidance on feeding and caring for your pet.
  • Intelligent Notification- The notification feature is important for safety purposes, as it can record and analyze your pet's sounds within your home to determine whether a warning is necessary. With this feature, you can go about your day without constantly worrying about the well-being of your furry baby.
  • Extra Pet-Oriented Features- Apart from the features above, certain pet cameras come with added functionalities like remote feeding and interactive toy control. These pet-centered additions can help you take better care of your furry ones, and you can choose if you have such needs.

Reviews of the 5 Best Pet Cameras

After you've sorted out the basics to choose the best pet camera, you can go on to read the detailed reviews of the 5 recommended models below and choose one that perfectly suits your needs.


eufy D605 Pet Dog Camera - Best Pet Camera Overall

Price: $199.99



The eufy D605 Pet Dog Camera is the best indoor pet camera in its price range. Boasting a 170° wide-angle lens, it delivers 1080p clarity in real-time and comes equipped with night vision capabilities. These remarkable features guarantee superior video quality and an expansive recording range, ensuring you can effortlessly keep a watchful eye on your furry friend no matter the time or location, even when you're away.


Not only that, but it also provides features specifically tailored for pet dogs, making it the best pet camera for dogs. With its 270° rotation capability of food tossing, it allows constant interaction between your puppy and the device. Moreover, with an auto-focus feature, this camera can track your puppy's movements and promptly notify you when barking is detected. When this happens, you can use the two-way audio feature to stop it the right way. If you care about storage, it also comes with 16GB to store the recordings, so that you don't miss any moment of your little pets' growth.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera - Best for Monitoring and Interaction with Pets

Price: $198




The Furbo 360° Dog Camera is a compact pet camera specifically designed to fit into various spaces. Similar to others, it also offers exceptional video and audio quality, including night vision and two-way audio capabilities. What sets it apart is the addition of an interesting snack dispenser for food tossing. Every time you swipe on the app, the camera will toss two to four treats to your puppy.


Besides, If you subscribe to the additional Furbo Dog Nanny Subscription, it can provide a cloud recording feature to capture your puppy’s adorable moments and even create a daily 60-second highlight video, allowing you to share the best memories with others. Therefore, these remarkable attributes greatly enhance your interaction with your furry companion, making the Furbo 360° Dog Camera one of the best dog cameras.

eufy E220 Indoor Security Camera - Best for Both Pets and Home Security

Price: $54.99




While the previously mentioned options are specialized pet cameras, it's worth noting that many indoor cameras can also meet your pet monitoring needs. These indoor cameras are often more budget-friendly while still delivering impressive performance.


The eufy E220 Indoor Security Camera stands out as an excellent choice for pet monitoring and home security. Powered by advanced AI technology, it can accurately detect human and pet presence, only recording when necessary. Its video quality is exceptional, offering crystal-clear 2K clarity that enhances overall home surveillance.


As for recording range, with a 360° horizontal pan and a 96° vertical tilt lens, it covers every corner of the room, ensuring you never miss your pet's actions. For more convenient use, it also enables seamless integration with popular smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa simplifying control and customization.


With all these features, the eufy E220 Indoor Cam is one of the best indoor cameras for pets, and ideal for those who are budget-limited and don't require interactive features with their pets.


Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera - Best for Smart Control

Price: $199




Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera is also one of the best pet monitors. While it may come at a higher cost, its features make it well worth the investment. Sporting a 1080P wide-angle lens camera, it captures and delivers high-quality videos, along with the added convenience of being able to dispense treats to your pet. Beyond this, its intelligent functionality comes to the forefront: it automatically initiates recording when movement or sound is detected, archiving the video clips in a timeline akin to that of a home security camera.


What's more, its integration with Alexa brings an added layer of convenience. If you already have an Alexa smart speaker, the Petcube Bites 2 seamlessly complements it, offering direct control via its built-in virtual assistant functionality. This opens up a realm of possibilities, from inquiring about weather conditions to setting timers and managing other compatible smart home devices. With its comprehensive set of features, the Petcube Bites 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera truly stands out as a powerful and versatile tool for pet monitoring.

WYZE Cam v3 Pro - Best Affordable Outdoor Camera for Pets

Price: $32.25




If you're on a tight budget but still need an outdoor camera for pets, the WYZE Cam v3 Pro is an ideal option. This camera is designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank. Thanks to its color night vision feature and starlight sensor, the camera excels at capturing night videos in vibrant, full colors. This means you can expect clear images even in exceptionally dark conditions.


What's more, the WYZE Cam v3 Pro boasts an IP65 protection rating, making it safe for outdoor installation on rainy days or in areas frequented by pets or children. Supporting 32GB MicroSD cards and being IFTTT-certified, it allows for extended video recording and seamless integration with other devices for outdoor pet monitoring.


Despite being the most affordable option among the five products, the WYZE Cam v3 Pro doesn't compromise on performance. Its exceptional capabilities make it the best value choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking reliable outdoor pet monitoring.


It is essential for pet owners to keep a pet camera at home, for it provides remote monitoring, interaction, behavior observation, and security, enhancing pet owners' ability to care for their pets and ensuring their well-being even from a distance. After going through this article, you should know well about the 5 pet camera recommendations and have a clear idea about how to choose the best pet camera. Hopefully, the pet camera can help you improve your interaction with your pet, capture all their adorable moments, and let you cherish the joyful times you spend together!

  • FAQ

    Is It Worth Getting a Pet Camera?

    Whether it's worth buying a pet camera depends on your different circumstances and needs. If you are often away from home, then smart pet products, including pet cameras, can help you keep track of your pet's condition at home, and take care of your pet through remote interaction, remote feeding, and other functions. However, if your pet follows a regular schedule or if there is someone available at home to specifically take care of them, this type of product may not be necessary.

    Should I Buy a Pet Camera or an Indoor Security Camera?

    The decision between purchasing a pet camera or an indoor security camera relies on the specific requirements you have for your pet. If you necessitate enhanced care and interaction with your pet, as well as the ability to remotely track and feed it, then a pet camera would be more suitable. Conversely, if these detailed pet care needs are not essential for you, an indoor security camera would be preferable due to its versatility in home security applications, wider monitoring range, and of course, capability to record your pet's activities.