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  • eufy L50
  • eufy L50
  • eufy L50


eufy L50

eufy L50



  • 4,000 Pa of Ultra-Strong Suction: L50 robot vacuum has up to 4,000 Pa of suction to tackle dust, crumbs, and other messes. It's ideal for hard floors, tiles, and carpets.
  • Precise iPath Laser Navigation: Using advanced LiDAR technology, L50 scans your rooms to create accurate maps and cleaning routes around your home.
  • Customizable AI.Map 2.0: Customize your cleaning experience by selecting rooms to clean, creating No-Go Zones, and using multi-floor mapping.
  • Automatic Suction Adjustment: L50 automatically increases suction power when it detects carpet for maximum cleaning efficiency.
  • Climb Up to 20 mm: When L50 encounters a threshold or carpet, it can climb up to 20 mm, preventing it from getting stuck and delivering greater cleaning coverage.

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  • eufy L50



  • eufy L50 + Replacement Accessories Kit

    L50 + Replacement Accessories Kit


  • eufy Clean L60 with Self-Empty Station

    L60 SES


  • eufy Clean L60



  • eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station

    L60 Hybrid SES


  • Replacement Washable Filter for Robot Vacuum, Compatible with L50, L60, L60 SES, L50 SES

    Replacement Washable Filter


  • Replacement Brush Guard for Robot Vacuum, Compatible with L50, L50 SES, L60, L60 Hybrid

    Replacement Brush Guard


  • Replacement Side Brush for Robot Vacuum, Compatible with L50, L50 SES, L60, L60 SES

    Replacement Side Brush


  • Replacement Battery for Robot Vacuum, Compatible with L50, L60, L60 SES, L50 with Self-Empty Station

    Replacement Battery


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Quick Intro


  • LDS
Obstacle Avoidance
  • Infrared
  • 4,000 Pa
Side Brush
  • 1
  • Yes
Product Dimensions
  • 325 × 100 × 325 mm
Dustbin Capacity
  • 350 ml
Climbing Height
  • 20 mm
Battery Capacity
  • 2,600 mAh
Voice Control
  • Alexa, Google Assistant
Remote Control
  • Yes
Wi-Fi Frequency
  • 2.4 GHz


Are L50's replaceable accessories (such as side brushes, filters, etc.) available to purchase?
Yes, accessories are available. You can purchase them from our official website or Amazon store. If you have trouble purchasing a part, please get in touch with eufy. We will try our best to help you get one.
Why does L50 robot vacuum have only one side brush?
L50 features iPath navigation and a single side brush. This design allows for efficient cleaning patterns and wall-edge cleaning, guided by smart sensors. It ensures optimal performance and lowers maintenance costs.
Why isn't L50 robot vacuum charging?
Try different wall outlets and clean the charging contact pins. When charging, manually rotate the robot vacuum to align its contact points with the base's contacts to ensure a proper connection.
Is L50's cleaning performance good?
L50 has a maximum suction power of 4,000 Pa, but the default is 940 Pa. If you have pets or kids, we recommend adjusting the suction power to Turbo or Max and regularly cleaning the accessories to ensure optimal cleaning efficiency.
Does L50 work well on carpets?
L50 can handle carpets with pile heights of up to 26 mm but may struggle with thicker or harder carpets. It can cross from floor to carpet up to pile heights of 24 mm. For fringed carpets, please set a no-go zone to avoid the robot getting stuck.
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