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Forever Power Security Camera
Forever Power Security

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1-for-20 Impact

We're aiming to plant 100,000 trees by 2022.
When you buy one SoloCam S40, we'll plant 20 trees on your behalf!

Just enjoy the 1-for-20 Forest code for SoloCam S40, and we'll do the rest!

eufy Security will team up with Ecologi to plant trees in Madagascar, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Uganda. Check back and see how many trees we've planted together!

eufy Security is committed to replenishing the planet's natural resources, and this is just the beginning!

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At eufy Security, every eufy Security product is designed with your privacy and security in mind. From your newborn crying for mom, to your victory dance after a game, we want your personal moments to be under your control.
With innovations including local storage*, advanced AI and long-lasting battery life, we create products and services that are designed to keep your data private and give you full control of your security.
Note: If you choose to use cloud-based features such as cloud storage or push notifications with thumbnail previews, videos or thumbnail previews will be sent to the cloud as needed to provide your selected features.

great solar cam

"...but it’s actually very easy because you can place it anywhere you want. The solar panel has a good charging effect. My camera has been kept fully charged. "

Best wireless and charge free security camera on the market.

"A nice security camera with integrated solar panels which eliminates the need to hardwire or continuing to charge batteries. The placement of the camera is important as it needs direct sunlight for charging. No complaints right now."

Quality product!

"Expensive but work the the money and no monthly fee. High rez picture and video"
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Forever Power, Solar Style

SoloCam S40
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360° Complete Survellance

Floodlight Cam E221 Pro
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Dual Cameras, Double Security

Video Doorbell Dual (2K, Battery-Powered)
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