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  • eufy Wearable Breast Pump S1


eufy Wearable Breast Pump S1

eufy Wearable Breast Pump S1


Due to high demand of new product, orders placed after the 9th of May will be delayed and the expected to shipped at the end of July.
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  • The Only Wearable Breast Pump With Heating: Our innovative HeatFlow™ technology incorporates a built-in heating element and a precision temperature sensor. Experience uniform warmth as the soft silicone gently warms up during pumping. Choose from seven adjustable heat settings (ranging from 95°F to 105°F) to enhance milk flow and prevent clogs. Enjoy a skin-like pumping experience that prioritizes comfort.
  • Smart Pumping, Tailored for You: Leverage the eufy Baby app’s smart features and our cutting-edge OptiRhythm™ technology. Fine-tune your pumping rhythm, suction strength, and speed for a personalized session. Control your pump remotely, allowing for a convenient, hands-free experience.
  • Optimal Comfort for All Moms: Designed to fit all nipple sizes with flange dimensions ranging from 17 mm to 24 mm. The ergonomic 105° design ensures a gentle and nurturing experience.
  • Highly Efficient Output: Helps achieve maximum milk output with up to 290 mmHg of safe, hospital-grade suction. Customize the suction strength and cycle speed to suit your individual needs.Rest assured that all skin-contact components are crafted from BPA-free, food-grade materials. Discreet Pumping for Your Privacy: Compact and lightweight, our breast pump is ideal for discreet in-bra use. The leakproof design features a secure double seal and reinforced lower half. Operates at an ultra-quiet 46dB, ensuring privacy during pumping sessions.

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Quick Intro

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Why is the eufy Wearable Pump S1 better than other pumps at similar and higher prices?
The eufy Wearable Pump S1 boasts industry-first HeatFlow™ technology for improved milk flow and comfort, hospital-grade suction, and OptRhythm™ for smart, personalized pumping. It ensures an efficient and comfortable pumping experience. Additionally, it comes with an app for easy remote control and data tracking, plus a comprehensive accessory kit for added value and convenience.
What benefits can the heating feature bring to users? Is it safe to use?
Heating is a scientifically approved method that increases milk output and comfort. We have attentively designed the embedded heating components with a smart temperature sensor that checks every 3 seconds to maintain optimal heat. It offers 7 heating levels (95-105°F), a smart timer ranging from 5 to 15 minutes to prevent low-temperature burns, and is made of BPA-free silicone. The heating flange has been tested with over 56 hours of continuous boiling and 1,000 flex tests.
What are the warranty and return policies?
eufy offers a 12-month warranty for the pump hub and a 3-month warranty for any washable components. As a medical and personal hygiene device, returns are accepted only if the item is in its new, unopened state with intact seals, unused, and contained within its original packaging.
What accessories are included in the package, and are replacement parts available for purchase?
The package includes a comprehensive accessory kit to minimize additional purchases. It contains 2 pumps with 24mm flanges, inserts of 17/19/21mm, 2 magnetic charging cables, a chic storage bag for portability, 2 dust covers, and a cleaning brush. Replacement parts for all washable components are available for purchase.
What benefits does the app bring to the users?
Our app allows you to effortlessly control the pumping process from anywhere, maintaining elegance and privacy in any public setting without fuss. You can customize your pumping rhythm from the app with OptiRhythm™ technology, choosing from 7 suction intensities and 3 pumping speeds. The app automatically records the time of each session and combines it with the milk volume data you input to create a personalized pumping log. Enhanced by data analysis, the app helps you understand and optimize your pumping patterns.

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