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How to Clean a Dog's Paws in 7 Easy Ways

Cleaning your dog's paws after a walk helps avoid infections, irritations, dry skin, and bacteria. It also allows you to look for wounds, cracks, discomfort, or ticks. Dirty paws may also cause damage to your furniture and carpets, as well as make your dog feel uncomfortable. In this blog, we'll go over seven different best ways how to keep dogs paws clean to keep your home tidy and your pooch healthy. Keep reading to get the knacks!


How to Clean a Dog's Paws in 7 Easy Ways 


7 Ways to Clean a Dog's Paws

For those eager to know how to clean dog paws after walking, here are 7 expert ways to tell you how to clean dog paws before coming inside:

1. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are perfect for a quick cleanup because they are gentle on your dog's paws, buttocks, and coat. You may keep them in your car or backpack for convenience. The most suitable alternatives are hypoallergenic and natural baby wipes.

2. Moist Cloth or Paper Towel

To remove dirt from a dog's paws, you can moist a cloth or paper towel to clean them. This method is easy and quickly done, but it can only be used if the paws are not too dirty.

3. Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner

Perhaps the most direct and effective way to for cleaning dog paws is to use an automatic dog paw cleaner. It has a strong engine that can scrub away even the hardest grime and clean paws quickly, thoroughly and gently. A good example of this is the Eufy pet automatic dog paw cleaner. To use it, simply slip the dirty paw into the water-filled cup, twist, remove it, and wipe it dry with a towel. The washing time will cost you 20 seconds a paw. Besides, the pet paw cleaner is portable, handy, and may be used anywhere. 

how to use portable paw cleaner 


4. Dog Paw Cleaner Mat

A clean, long-lasting doormat helps keep dirt out of your home. It features a soft, absorbent top layer that catches dirt, mud, and water and a non-slip bottom that keeps it in place. It is suitable for usage at any entryway.

5. Dog Shampoo

If your dog's paws are dirty, use a mild dog shampoo plus lukewarm water to clean them. Before cleaning them though, ensure that you've checked the paws for foreign items, injuries, or burns. Spread the toes gently and search for anything that shouldn't be there. Trim the hair surrounding the pad to improve washing and avoid matting.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

An effective natural solution for cleaning your dog's paws is apple cider vinegar. Dip your dog's paws in a solution made of one part vinegar and one part water. Wait for a few seconds before wiping the apple cider vinegar off. It helps to remove bacteria, fungus, and grime.

7. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an excellent all-natural cleaning for your dog's paws. Dissolve the 3 tbsp baking soda in a cup of warm water. Gently massage your dog's paws in the solution for a few seconds.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dog's Paws?

How often should you do dog foot cleaning? There is no hard and fast rule for this. Generally, checking and cleaning your dog's paws once a week should be enough to prevent the buildup of dirt, debris, and potentially harmful bacteria.


However, if your dog is particularly active, you may need to clean their paws more frequently to prevent infections or irritation. Dogs that live in urban areas or places with concrete or asphalt surfaces may also benefit from more frequent paw cleaning, as these surfaces can be harsh.


Moreover, it's also a good idea to clean their paws after a summer stroll in boots. Keep in mind that dogs only sweat in areas that aren't covered in hair, such as their nose and paw pads. So, drying their paws after a walk may assist in moisture elimination, especially on a hot day.

Clean Your Dog's Paws 


Dog paw washing may be a task that’s overlooked by many but it ensures your dog and your family’s health and cleanliness.  Cleaning dog's feet after a walk is critical for avoiding infections, irritations, dry skin, and germs, which is crucial for a healthy living environment for your family members and your pooch friend.

Cleaning a dog’s paw is no intricate art, and items like baby wipes, a portable paw cleaner, a dog paw cleaner mat, a moist cloth or paper towel, shampoo, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda are just a few of the vast collection of cleaning tools at your disposal. 

By following the best way to clean dog paws outlined in this guide, you can easily and effectively clean your dog's paws after each outdoor adventure. Keep in mind that by making paw cleaning a regular part of your dog's grooming routine, you can help keep them happy and healthy in the long haul, and always ready for their next adventure.


  • FAQ

    Can You Use Baby Wipes on Your Dogs?

    Yes, you may use baby wipes on your dogs, although unscented ones are preferable to avoid irritating their sensitive skin. Baby wipes aren't a replacement for washing your dog, but they might be beneficial for clearing up little stains or wiping their paws after a walk.

    However, baby wipes are not without drawbacks, and one thing of note is that when using baby wipes, you need to make sure the baby wipes you use are hypoallergic if your dogs are prone to allergies. For the best way to clean muddy dog paws, consider Eufy’s automatic dog paw cleaners.

    Is It Ok to Wash Your Dog's Paws Every Day?

    You may be asking, can I wash my dogs paws everyday? Actually, washing your dog's paws every day is normally safe, but it depends on their amount of activity and degree of dirtiness, and whether your dog walks in mud or puddles. If your dog frequently walks on dirty or muddy surfaces or has a tendency to step in things like feces, it may be necessary to wash their paws daily to prevent the buildup of bacteria, dirt, and debris. But if your dog is not that active, washing once a week might be enough too.

    Should You Wash Your Dog's Paws After a Walk?

    Yes, it's a good idea to clean dog paws after walking, especially if they've been walking on surfaces that are dirty or contaminated with potential irritants or harmful substances. Dirt, bacteria, and other debris can collect on your dog's paws, which can cause skin irritation, infections, or even ingestion if your dog licks their paws. So, it is a recommended practice to wash the dog's paws after a walk.